Advanced HTTP and system settings

  • HTTP Engine V2
    New engine to improve network performance and provide better support for alternate streaming clients.
  • Prevent sleep
    If your UMS host has a power-saving mode, use this option to prevent the system from hibernating or sleeping.
    Currently only Windows and macOS are supported. There are three modes:
    • Never
      UMS doesn't interfere with system idle sleep.
    • During playback (default)
      UMS prevents the system from going to sleep while playback from UMS is active.
    • While running
      UMS prevents the system from going to sleep while UMS is running.
  • Enabled renderers
    Select or unselect the wanted renderers.
  • Default renderer when automatic detection fails
    UMS can recognize many renderers automatically. Sometimes a renderer will connect the UMS does not recognize. This option defines which renderer UMS should assume.
  • Force default renderer (disable automatic detection)
    By default UMS tries to automatically detect what renderers try to connect to it. By settings this option to true, UMS will assume any renderer that connects is the default renderer.
  • Enable external network
    Whether to enable functionality that uses external networks, like the Internet for Web radio for example.
    It should be disabled if the computer has no Internet access.