General configuration

  • Language
    Select the language of UMS. To see the selection in effect you have to restart UMS.
  • Start minimized
    Apply if you want UMS start in the system tray (window minimized).
  • Install as a windows service
    Click if you want to install UMS as a service. Further configuration may be needed to run successfully as a service.
    If you run UMS as a service, you have to manually create a firewall rule that allow all incoming traffic to the service executable ("wrapper").
  • Start automatically with Windows
    Set to true by default.
  • Enable splash screen
    Set to true by default.
  • Check for updates
    Manually check for update.
  • Check automatically for updates
    Set false by default.
  • Hide advanced options
    You have already chosen it at the install time with the wizard.
  • Run the configuration wizard
    It make having to change again some parameters, like the Java memory heap used, more easy for newbies.
  • Only run a single instance of UMS
    Having only one UMS instance run at the time could be useful to avoid issue.
  • Edit UMS configuration file manually
    Though not confortable as using a good text editor, at least it give you the possibility to edit your UMS.conf configuration file directly from UMS' graphical interface, like Chromecast support or Live subtitles keeping duration and so on.