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How to improve support for my device

If your device is failing to do anything, like browsing folders or playing a file, it may be possible for you to fix it by changing settings in the renderer config file. Different devices/renderers/clients communicate with servers like UMS in different ways, so the config file tells UMS how to speak the same language as your device.

We have a default renderer config file that contains documentation on all of our renderer settings. See the latest version at

Common settings to look at are SeekByTime, TranscodeVideo, TranscodedVideoFileSize, and ChunkedTransfer.

As well as that, you can have a look at other renderer configs inside the "renderers" folder in your installation directory, to see what they are doing. Sometimes you will need help, which we can give you on our forum, and please remember to tell us about the improvement when you make it, so that other users with your device can benefit from the fix. We will credit you in our release announcement and changelog.

If you have a new renderer config to contribute to the project, please create a Pull Request on our GitHub repository